London, UK

London, UK

Spent a few days in London on the way to Munich. Jetlag isn’t the worst thing in the world, we did have the chance to do some sight-seeing.  One thing I noticed about London that I hadn’t expected, is how crazy busy and bustling the city is.  Anywhere you go, (you don’t realize how big it really is till you’re there) there are always a hordes of people going about their business.

Jetlag will severely hinder your ability to function properly.

Lambourghini Dealers’ used car lots are worth more than entire dealers.

To me, London is an oddball city.  It caters to the very rich, and the very creative.  The whole city gives off this cold, bank/hospital vibe, which some like and some don’t.  I can see where this city really can shine in certain lights.

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