Christopher Oberle: Magician

It’s good to be friends with great people. Especially those friends who know how to brighten up other people’s day.  Chris Oberle is a magician if you didn’t gather that already.  He does dozens of shows each year, and from the little I’ve witnessed, that must me thousands of dazzled strangers.  If you aren’t amazed by the “magic” then you would be a fool to recognize the amount of talent it takes to pull of the illusions that drive the lifestyle.  But what amazes me most about Chris is his willingness to help others. Not that there seems to be a huge payday for magicians other than Copperfield and Blane, but you can really tell that Chris does what he does to inspire others.

Catch up with him at The Green in Dayton, OH every friday evening, or at one of his shows listed on his site! > http://chrisoberle.com

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