Electric Forest 2012 Video Recap

Taking place in Rothbury, Michigan June 28 – July 1, 2012, EFF has got to be one of the most unique festivals that I’ve ever been a part of.  Being the second year I’ve attended, I was eager to notice the similarities and differences a year makes.  The EDM festival scene has been so saturated over the past 12 months that I was worried that EFF would just fall in line.

Not so.  The festival’s success now rides heavily on the experience it offeres. 2011 was all about how hard EFF could hit fans with the Line-UP. 2012 was all about how they didn’t need to.  The Double JJ Resort is such a perfect place for something like this, that it’s hard to imagine a more magical and uplifting musical vacation than this.

I spent long hours trying to find the perfect song to sum it all up this year.  I didn’t want to use something too mainstream, but I wanted something from one of the highlight acts of EFF, as well as something that most people would enjoy.  If Dubstep isn’t your thing, then hopefully the melodic and uplifting vocals will carry you through.

In all, EFF 2012 was heavy on Dubstep & Jam Bands.  But that’s not to say other acts didn’t fit perfectly. Some of the most memorable crowds were those at Steve Aoki’s set on the DimMak stage on day two, Dada Life’s set and Pierce Fulton’s Sherwood Forest set on day three.  However, the highlight for me was definitely Bassnectar’s set on day four.

Last year, Bassnectar unassumingly commanded the crowd more than anyone; and this year it seems that everyone remembered that.  Some of the most absurd, energetic and chaotic shots are from that set. Because of this, I can definitely see Bassnectar cementing himself as a staple act of Electric Forest for many years to come.

Also take a look at some photos from this year

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