La Carrera PanAmericana 2013 | THE LAST GREAT ROAD RACE

Update 7/11: THE LAST GREAT ROAD RACE has been accepted to the Automotive Film Festival during Monterey Auto Week this August in California.

NOVEMBER 2013: Five weeks ago I had no idea what La Carrera PanAmericana was. Today, after returning home from the 7-day, 2000-mile, speed-infused road race, I can confidently say I’ve added running it to my bucket list.

Benton_LaCarrera_Poster_outLnsJohn Benton of Benton Performance invited me on the adventure.  He owns a vintage Porsche shop in southern California, and one of his clients, Robert Curry has enlisted his help for the past few years to service his Porsche 356 racer before, during and after the race. Along for the ride also was Rick Shaw, Robert’s co-pilot, Eric Verdugo, John’s mechanic and Rene Ortega (Ranachilanga), a veteran photographer of the race.

Meeting up with them in Veracruz, Graham Mattock, a good friend from Puerto Vallarta and myself chased the service truck and racer across the heart of Mexico through Oaxaca, Mexico City, Queretaro, Morelia, Guanjuato, Aguascalientes and finally ending up in Zacatecas.

The race is widely considered the last great road race in the world. Launched in the 50s to help attracted attention to the newly-built PanAmerican highway, it’s an extremely dangerous race with many different hurdles to overcome. This year, 80 teams competed with vintage cars in a number of different classes. There are transit stages through open toll roads, and speed stages that are closed off. The speed stages were the most exciting because this was were the driver really opened up the taps and took their skills to the very edge.

Along with the stills, Graham and myself were able to capture video of the entire event and will be releasing a film within the coming weeks! Stay tuned by subscribing to our Youtube Channel and following us on Instagram at http://instagram.com/valkyrfilms

If you participated in the race and are interested in obtaining an HD show-reel or Full-Resolution photos of your car/team, please email info@valkyrproductions.com for more information.

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/LfY0aHnM804

Featured: (jalopnik) http://roadtrippers.kinja.com/this-pan-am-race-video-fires-on-all-cylinders-1507357778/@ballaban

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