Valkyr Productions LLC is a premiere film and video production company, specializing in the art of visual storytelling .

Consisting of myself and a group of like-minded and skilled individuals, we balance talent with affordability, bringing the client true value to their project. Every video project is tailored specific to the your needs; and no two videos are alike.

I myself graduated with a BFA of Electronic Media from the University of Cincinnati in June 2011.

I have worked for both CNN and FOX, as well as Apple Inc. and even a German company, Norcom Information Technology AG. Starting out locally in Cincinnati after college, I worked for a production company as a creative assistant handling all the production that came through the door for nearly six months. During that time I started my own LLC and as my own endeavors and time-committment grew, I was able to leave the company and take on myself as a full-time employee. After a few years of traveling and working full time out of Cincinnati, I decided it was time to move to a bigger market, Los Angeles, CA. Today I have a wonderful manager and many friendships that have developed along the way and I’m thankful to keep as busy as I typically do.

- Jeremy Heslup | Owner Valkyr Productions, LLC

For inquiries please email: info@valkyrproductions.com or mgmt@valkyrproductions.com

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