Hamarita is a short film focusing on the loss of the five senses. Directed by Jeremy Heslup and featuring Claron Hayden, Bennett Bradley, Chris Oberle and Daniel Britt.

Recent Updates!

  • Update 6.09.11

Hamartia has been Completed! It’s been a long haul but in 10 weeks we conceptualized, wrote, produced, edited, and delivered a short film! If you’d like to see it It’s live on the internet, all you need to do is email me @ delfino89x@gmail.com for the current password! Hope to Submit it to film Festivals soon!

  • Update 5.12.11

Our KICKSTARTER campaign has been successful!! We are all so thankful from everyone that is helping support our short film! Thank you So very much! Rewards will be had! To those who backed check out our newest teaser with much much more footage!! Click Here!

  • Update 5.10.11

It’s been a grueling 3 weeks since I’ve last been able to update our blog. But so much has happened!  We have a lead Actor for our main role! A CCM Performing Arts Major, Claron Hayden, will be the newest and final addition to our Cast! Very excited to have him on board!

    • Update 4.20.11 We’re live on Kickstarter.com! Don’t hesitate to get involved! Every little bit counts! The campaign will run though 5.12.11

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Welcome to the webpage for the short film project Hamartia.  Here you can find updates on production, pictures from the shoots, and even ways to get involved!  Have a look around and thanks for stopping by!

- Pledge $12 or more to receive a Digital HD download of this film!

- Pledge $50 or more and get a signed picture of the cast & crew!

- Pledge $125 or more and get an opportunity to be an extra!

- Kickstarter campaign ends May 12, 2011

- Premiering June 10, 2011!

What is Hamartia?

Hamartia is a short film produced by Electronic Media & Performing Arts students from CCM at the University of Cincinnati

Back Our Project via KICKSTARTER.com

If you’d like to get involved by backing our project, we would greatly appreciate it! We’re using Kickstarter.com to fund our project.  Just follow the link below and pledge even just a buck! There are different prizes for different levels so check it out! Click below to back our project via Kickstarter!









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Jeremy Heslup – Director/ DP/ Editor / Screenplay

- Thankfully, describing myself isn’t something I have to do on a day to day basis.  But today, I think it applies.  I am a senior in Emedia at the University of Cincinnati.  I’m going to graduate in June.  Over the past 6 years I’ve honed my skills to create great projects.  More recently I’ve been involved with local businesses, promoting and advertising via short videos.  I’ve very savvy when it comes to shooting with DSLR’s especially the 7d.  I’ve had years of experience with editing, Final Cut & Avid.  I’ve also had experience lighting.  As I was putting together this project, it occurred to me that everything has kind of come together perfectly for me to be able to do this short film.

Mary Bell – Producer

- Mary is a junior with senior standing in Electronic Media.  She produced a piece we did on OTR that was played in Fountain Square, downtown Cincy.  She is very organized and knows how to keep people on task.

Ben Gerberick  - Producer/ AD/ Screenplay

- Ben is a senior in Emedia.  He produced and a short film last quarter, The Scholarship, and it turned out great.  They shot everything in one weekend and really knew what they were doing.  He helped come up with the idea for Hamartia and is also very well versed in audio recording and mixing.

Zac Miller – Score / Audio

- Zac has always been fascinated by the textures and tones that surround a movie score.  He can hand Apple’s Logic better than anyone I know and is cooking up a phenomenal score that is really going to drive this film.  Check him out on Soundcloud.

Sean Fannin – Audio

- Sean has been making music since he can remember.  He knows ProTools & FruityLoops better than anyone I know and is really going to make the Audio stand out on this project.

Jenna Heaton – Editor

- Jenna helped edit and organize the OTR piece we worked on Fall quarter.

Chip Reeves – Writer

- Chip is quite the man. He has had much success writing for The News Record at UC.  If Hank Moody had a tumblr, Chip’s would be more impressive. After talking to him about what I wanted in a script, he managed to whip up a quite a piece to build upon.  From there we both honed it to be exactly what it needed to be.

Tim Kim – PA

- Tim has been helping from Day One. He has made much of this possible and will no doubt continue to do so.  He is a great photographer and will handle much of the “behind the scenes” work.  He also will have a minor role.

Hamartia is a Greek term for a tragic flaw.

A tragic character has six key qualities.  Hamartia, hubris, anagonorisis, peripeteia, nemesis, and catharsis.  “Hamartia is a tragic flaw that causes the downfall of the tragic hero.”  It’s also a result of Hubris, which is extreme pride.  Anagnorisis is a recognition or discovery made by the tragic hero.  Peripeteia is a reversal of fortune, the downfall of the tragic hero.  Nemesis is a fate that cannot be escaped.  Catharsis is a feeling of overwhelming pity and/or fear that the audience is left with after witnessing the downfall.


The short film will be shot over the next 7 weeks in Cincinnati, and will be shown in the Senior Project Showcase (06.10.11), along with 4 other student films.  It will also be submitted to film festivals around the country.

Hamartia’s objective is to show that in order to fully appreciate the world, we can’t take for granted what we already have.  Literally with the senses we possess as well the relationships we’ve developed or stumbled upon by chance.

Canon 7d

  • 50mm 1.4 Zeiss ZE Planar
  • 11-16mm 2.8 Tokina
  • 24-70mm 2.8 Canon L

Zoom H4n

-       Arri Lighting Kit + Stands

-       Reflector board

-       Shotgun Mic