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Pan-American Highway Adventure


The Pan-American Highway unofficially stretches from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. At 16,000 miles it is one of the longest roads in the world.

A while back a friend and I were watching a Top Gear Special where they drove from Bolivia to the Chilean coast in used 4x4s.

A small segment of their journey was a 2-Lane paved highway through what looked like the most amazing Territory we had ever seen. That got us thinking. What would it be like to drive the whole thing?

After doing some minor digging, we realized that it could never be something we could just do on a whim; although some certainly have.

14 countries, endless obstacles including a 50 mile gap of solid rainforest, and a million unexpected surprises would make any normal human being shrug off such an undertaking.
Well it’s a good thing that we are just your average joes, because we more than anything want to experience this adventure.

The biggest looming question is how could such a journey be funded. To answer that we have a plan.

Although driving from Point A to Point B and play tourist along the way would be nice, it would be a serious disservice to an extraordinary opportunity presented herein.

Cultural and topical diversity can keep humans segregated for generations. Whilst making cultures unique, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for betterment.

To drive the Pan-American Highway would be the adventure of a lifetime; but the potential impact that this trip could have on countless lives would spread much further than just those involved.

Although the project is somewhat a dream for those involved, it continues to be in development and will hopefully one day become a reality.

More details to come.