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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="http://vimeo.com/70201089" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video4569" align="aligncenter" imageurl="/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/V19A2236-1024x576.png" ]

Electro Beach 2013 Recap

Take a ride through 4 weeks of spring break & electronic dance music in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Taking place amongst the incredible backdrop of Puerto Vallarta, Electro Beach is the ultimate spring-break, dance music-themed destination! From exploring the caves on Marietas, yachting and cliff-diving during the day to enjoying two of the most lavish nightclubs …

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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" alt="Electro Beach 2013 – Week 4 Gallery" link="" lightbox="yes" url="/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/V19A6141-copy1-1024x682.png" ]

Electro Beach 2013 – Week 4 Gallery

Along with Week 4 of Electro Beach came Semana Santa, a major Mexican religious Holiday. Puerto Vallarta just happened to be one of the biggest travel destinations in Mexico for the holiday. Check out the gallery featuring Zedd, Paul Van Dyk, and Afrojack; along with photos from a fishing village called Yelapa, and a Red …

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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" alt="Electro Beach 2013 – Week 3 Gallery" link="" lightbox="yes" url="/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/8591082492_51920e8e55_b.jpg" ]

Electro Beach 2013 – Week 3 Gallery

Three Weeks down, 1 to go! From Yachting in the beautiful bay of Puerto Vallarta with Nicky Romero, Pierce Fulton, Sultan + Ned Shepard, Walden to the Puerto Vallarta Zoo and Marietas, a lost island with a hidden beach; Week 3 was quite the rush! Time to close out with a bang! Here we go …

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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="https://vimeo.com/64433149" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video3992" align="aligncenter" imageurl="/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/V19A6601_thumb-1024x576.png" ]

Electro Beach 2013 Video Postcard

Check out just a few shots from the first two weeks of Electro Beach 2013 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!…

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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" alt="Electro Beach 2013 – Week 2 Gallery" link="" lightbox="yes" url="/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/V19A1300-1024x682.png" ]

Electro Beach 2013 – Week 2 Gallery

That’s it for Week 2 of Electro Beach 2013! From stunning sunsets to Villa Parties, Week 2 of Electro Beach 2013 has been quite a ride! Thanks to Makj, Krewella, Sander Van Doorn, 3LAU, Alesso, Danny Avila, Mikael Weermets, Alvaro, Tiësto, Matt Goldman, and more!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for weeks Three …

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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" alt="Electro Beach 2013 – Week 1 Gallery" link="" lightbox="yes" url="/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/V19A6853.png" ]

Electro Beach 2013 – Week 1 Gallery

The first week of Electro Beach has already flown by! From a last minute La Riots show, to Adventure Club zip-lining, to Alesso massive set at Strana, we got it all on camera; and this is just the beginning. Check out the gallery below featuring, Alesso, La Riots, Manufactured Superstars, dBerrie, Adventure Club, Kap Slap, …

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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="https://vimeo.com/41127052" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2506" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7061/7117571537_f6811e167b_b.jpg" ]

Electro Beach Documentary Teaser

Go behind the scenes with the people that made possible the 42 Night Electro Beach Experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Documentary to be released Summer 2012.

I’m Very excited to share with you all the teaser for my upcoming documentary on theElectro Beach 2012 Puerto Vallarta.  I spent nearly three weeks there in March and …

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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="https://vimeo.com/40757316" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2471" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://farm9.static.flickr.com/8161/6958196530_592af9b196_b.jpg" ]

Pierce Fulton Chapter 2: Vegas Vacation

Pierce and I return to Electro Beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the closing show; Tiesto.  It was wild/surreal to be back there after being absent for weeks four, five, and six.  Directly from PV, Pierce and I flew to Vegas along with Dave, a good friend from Electro Beach.  Pierce’s parents met up with …

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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="https://vimeo.com/39619207" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2439" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7038/6896136838_e703dea613_b.jpg" ]

Pierce Fulton Chapter 1: Electro Beach

While in Mexico covering Electro Beach, I had a strange coincidence come about. I had a pleasant visit from rising DJ and producer Pierce Fulton. Aside from having a phenomenal time, Pierce and I made a video to share his adventuring. Everybody loved Pierce so much that they are inviting him back to open for …

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[videoembed type="youtube" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7Tmfq0GBxE" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2829" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://valkyrproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Screen-shot-2012-05-25-at-3.49.57-PM.png" ]

Strana Nightclub Promo – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

While shooting in Puerto Vallarta for Electro Beach, I was asked by one of the nightclub owners to put together a promo for his club, Strana. So in a very short period of time I put together this video to help show off some of the events that took place during Electro Beach in Strana. …

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[videoembed type="youtube" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWZqDAdGlzc" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2838" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://valkyrproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Screen-shot-2012-05-29-at-10.01.38-AM.png" ]

Calvin Harris Electro Beach Recap

I was asked by Calvin’s management to produce a highlight reel from his EBPV show that they could release the day after the show.  At first it may not seem like a big deal but anyone who has done any video editing will know that getting something out the day after a show is no …

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[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" alt="Electro Beach TV" link="" lightbox="yes" url="http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7186/6896185602_20a8de8785_b.jpg" ]

Electro Beach TV

Check out the latest content from Electro Beach Puerto Vallarta 2012.  With so many show happening in such a short period of time, I decided to put out some of the best raw clips of the artists performances live.  All of this will culminate into a Documentary releasing later this year. Stay tuned!

Update 3.18.11 …

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[videoembed type="vimeo" url="http://vimeo.com/34350883" autoplay="0" shadow="yes" id="video2229" align="aligncenter" imageurl="http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7160/6624916903_6e1cd17ff7_b.jpg" ]

Avicii: Electro Beach Puerto Vallarta

With Spring Break fast approaching, the excitement for EBPV is rapidly growing.  I edited this video together from footage I shot at the Covington show back in October, Puerto Vallarta footage from White Bulldog Media (Stanley Shetron), and Spring Break footage provided by the College Travel Experts. The Psunami plugin for AE is really rocking …

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