Petrolicious: Alfa Romeo SS Racing Statement

I was introduced to Conrad Stevenson by good friend John Benton this past August at Monterey Car Week.  Conrad’s Alfa shop in Berkeley is as functional as it is an Alfa museum.  Spending the day filming this episode for Petrolicious was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve ever had on a set, due to Conrad’s enthusiasm and passion for what he has devoted his life to doing.

The most intriguing part of the Guilia SS he built is that he is brining decades of knowledge to a car that was likely developed in only few years in the sixties.  Arguably, this is the most perfect the car could possibly be. And to not only concept, draw, design and construct but also race the car makes Conrad one of the rare people who you can’t help but admire.

This video was unique in that we were able to use footage from our time in Mexico during the Carrera filming THE LAST GREAT ROAD RACE with John Benton.  Turns out such an incredible event is a haven for such incredible people like John and Conrad.

This was shot on location in Berkeley California, Mt. Tamalpais, San Francisco with footage included from the 2013 installment of the La Carrera Panamericana.

Petrolicious Excerpt:

In 1950, Mexico completed its stretch of the Pan-American Highway. To celebrate, the government organized La Carrera Panamericana, a race running south to north along the new stretch of road–and a race which quickly established itself as the most dangerous race of any kind in the world. For five years, drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio, Bobby Unser, and Felice Bonetto competed in the race until it was shut down due to safety concerns following the disastrous crash at Le Mans in 1955.

Revived in 1988, today’s Carrera Panamericana is still dangerous, fast, grueling, and addictive, as driver Conrad Stevenson can attest. Stevenson got his first taste of the race in a friend’s Studebaker in 2001. After a couple more years of participating in friends’ cars, Stevenson decided it was time to build a car of his own, in this case a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale.

The Giulia SS, which Stevenson describes as a “patchwork quilt” of his own metalwork, was never intended to be a concours queen. It is, as he points out, a purpose-built race car, built to go fast and hard, over speed bumps at eighty miles per hours and across 2,200 miles of Mexican countryside. Still, it is a beauty to behold.

“I’ve taken liberties with this style,” says Stevenson, who modeled his nose for his car after the earlier, lower SS noses that were known to provide better downforce. “I’m not presenting this car to Pebble Beach, it’s not an authentic ’65 car. But it is true, I believe, to what the designer, Bertone, intended.”

Whatever he did, it worked. Not only did he finish the race (a feat in itself), his Alfa took 21st place overall and first in the Historica A Plus class in 2013. Perhaps more importantly, the car enabled Stevenson to sate his Carrera addiction for one more year.

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Anjunabeats Miami 2014

Anjunabeats, Above and Beyond’s label held a label party this past March in Miami, during Miami Music Week. We were on hand to catch all the action.

Directed/Camera/Edit by: Jeremy Heslup
Camera/ Producer: Graham Mattock

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Anjunabeats in Miami 2014 out now:

The official aftermovie from our epic Anjunabeats in Miami pool party 2014. Featuring Seven Lions, Mat Zo, Arty, Audien, Boom Jinx, Jerome Isma-ae, Norin & Rad, ilan Bluestone and Jaytech. See you in the sun next year, Anjuna family!

Video by Valkyr Productions LLC – | @valkyrfilms

00:02 Boom Jinx & Maor Levi ft Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me
00:47 Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams (ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:40 ilan Bluestone – Elysian
02:09 Jaytech – Megastructure
02:39 Norin & Rad – Thundercat
03:09 Above & Beyond vs. Arty feat. Zoë Johnston – You Got To Believe
04:11 Jerome Isma-ae & ilan Bluestone – Under My Skin
04:45 Audien – Hindsight
05:14 Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)



Kenner’s House

Take a peak inside one of the coolest house we’ve ever seen.

Chris Kenner, David Copperfield’s long-time manager has crafted this magnificent 6000 sq. ft., movie-theme house just outside of Las Vegas. It features everything from a hidden prop room with a secret entry, to an original 1967 Shelby GT500 “Eleanor” from Gone In 60 Seconds in the garage.  We were lucky enough to spend an evening shooting the dwelling to show off just a few of it’s hidden gems. Enjoy!

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See the short we created featuring Eleanor :
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Frequency 2014 | Edmonton

Every so often, all the stars align to produce an event recap that has all the elements people look for. The production, the lighting, the access, the music, the people…all were outstanding at Frequency 2014 in Edmonton, Canada.  This all adds up to one of my personal favorite event edits in quite a long time. Many thanks to Graham Mattock for all the hard work shooting and helping!


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“Rage” – Deniz Koyu | Official Music Video MTV Premiere

Looks like Valkyr Productions has finally landed on an MTV premiere in the shape of a Deniz Koyu official Music video for his newest single “RAGE”.  The music video, shot while on tour with Deniz this past February, profiles Deniz’s performances throughout the midwest and northeast.

Update 5.7.13: Video air on MTV network Clubland Show.

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 10.41.26 PM

The video premiered on as well as the MTV Clubland homepage. Link: – Client Link

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Dancing Astronaut:

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Webster Hall, NYC: Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila, Mikael Weermets, dBerrie

Decided to share with you guys the 1st draft of an edit that didn’t end up getting used.  This is a scene from a tour documentary that features Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila, Mikael Weermets, and dBerrie’s performances at Webster Hall in New York City.  Ended up having to change the song to “Rage” but I thought this was too good not to share as a portfolio piece.

Song: “Halo” – Deniz Koyu & Dirty South

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Electro Beach 2013 – Week 4 Gallery

Along with Week 4 of Electro Beach came Semana Santa, a major Mexican religious Holiday. Puerto Vallarta just happened to be one of the biggest travel destinations in Mexico for the holiday. Check out the gallery featuring Zedd, Paul Van Dyk, and Afrojack; along with photos from a fishing village called Yelapa, and a Red Bull truck called the Suga.

© Jeremy Heslup – Valkyr Productions LLC

Electro Beach 2013 – Week 2 Gallery

That’s it for Week 2 of Electro Beach 2013! From stunning sunsets to Villa Parties, Week 2 of Electro Beach 2013 has been quite a ride! Thanks to Makj, Krewella, Sander Van Doorn, 3LAU, Alesso, Danny Avila, Mikael Weermets, Alvaro, Tiësto, Matt Goldman, and more!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for weeks Three and Four!!
© Jeremy Heslup

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Electro Beach 2013 – Week 1 Gallery

The first week of Electro Beach has already flown by! From a last minute La Riots show, to Adventure Club zip-lining, to Alesso massive set at Strana, we got it all on camera; and this is just the beginning. Check out the gallery below featuring, Alesso, La Riots, Manufactured Superstars, dBerrie, Adventure Club, Kap Slap, Jesse Marko, MakJ, Project 46 and more!

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Along with Sean Fannin behind the audio, I created this promo  for Enthusiast Auto Group; an independent BMW M dealership specializing in M car restoration, Dinan Engineering performance upgrades, and the sale of only the finest BMW M cars.

I’ve long wanted to expand the video production that Valkyr offers beyond music-related films, and with this one I think we definitely have achieved just that.

Enthusiast Auto Group is an ambassador of the BMW M-Car brand. EAG hand picks the highest quality cars and we do not make exceptions to our strict quality standards. All of our M-Cars receive a comprehensive inspection by senior technicians and are fully sorted to Enthusiast Auto standards prior to sale. We practice full disclosure and play with a transparent hand, educating our clients to the fullest extent. We specialize in the finest BMW M-Cars in the USA. Since 2000, Enthusiast Auto has utilized this formula to offering thousands of fully sorted M-Cars.

Client Link:

For more information, please view our website:

Video Produced by Jeremy Heslup and Sean Fannin

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AbroadFest 2013 Promo

Delis Group, a EDM promoter based in Barcelona, Spain has teamed up with Prime Social Group and Opium Mar to bring Barcelona one night of crazy electronic music madness!Kaskade, Nicky Romero, and Thomas Gold will all be playing back to back for one night only, March 7, 2013!

Here’s the quick promo I cut together for it!

2013 North American International Auto Show: Detroit

The 2013 NAIAS in Detroit has always been one of the most notable car shows to take place in the US every year.  With the exception of last year, I’ve been in attendence every year with my father for as long as I can remember.

Each year I try and do something a little different when it comes to pictures. This time around, I took along only a Canon EOS M with the F.2.0 22mm prime lens.  It was difficult focal length for the show, considering everyone is crowded around the cars, but still fun to not have to worry about changing lenses or lugging around a heavier camera.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the show, enjoy!

Electric Forest 2013 – Official Date Announcement Video

After months of waiting, The 2012/2013 Electric Forest Festival Recap/Date Announcement video I shot and edited has gone live.  This was a blast to produce and something that I”m very proud of.

The video features Bassnectar, Steve Aoki, AutoErotique, Girl Talk, Pierce Fulton, Major Lazer, Zeds Dead, Richie Hawtin, String Cheese Incident, Big Gigantic, Dada Life, and many many more!

Song: “Empathy” – Bassnectar

Official Link:

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EOS M Review

Ever since I first heard about the EOS M back in July, I’ve wanted to see if it really could hold up to the quality of a DSLR. Finally after getting the chance to test it out over the holidays, I think I’ve found an answer.

The Canon EOS M is the first entry into the mirror less market for Canon. Their aim is to give you a camera with DSLR quality that can fit in your pocket.  The sensor is nearly identical to the T4i and with the adapter, you have access to any EF lenses.

First Impressions:

The reason that the EOS M seemed so appealing to me is that I specialize in a lot of on-the-spot videography/photography.  The 18mp sensor packs a huge punch.  There is no noticeable difference in quality when compared to any typical Canon DSLR (t4i,t3i,60d,7d).  A big complaint of many so far has been the slow auto-focus.  It is pretty slow, and you do end up missing things in the moment here and there, but it’s a trade off I’m willing to make for the quality.


The EOS M ships with a 22mm F2.0 prime pancake lens. I didn’t think it would be that useful, but I am very surprised by the images coming from it.  It gives a great vignette and has wonderful portability.  The 1.6x crop factor gives it a typical 35mm focal length and I’ve found that I enjoy shooting with this setup the most.  It makes things just a little bit more challenging, but also is very convenient without the bulk.  The only qualm I have is that the focus ring takes many turns to manually focus, so you mostly have to rely on the autofocus, which is especially annoying during video.

The F.2 22mm kit lens is especially good for portrait of people and food.

The Adapter:

Also available is the EF lens adapter so you can fit all your Canon-mount lenses. I only found this useful when I wanted to use a very fast lens for pictures.  It is nice having the option, but the bulk that it adds really kills all portability that’s gained by the camera’s size.  It’s also awkward to try and shoot video steadily because you are basically holding the lens and trying to adjust the focus ring with both hands, making it very difficult to get stable video.


The thing that impressed me the most was how the sensor dealt with noise.  In certain situations its not ideal to fumble with all the settings (even though the touch screen is very intuitive), and just put it on Scene-Intelligent Auto.  Either way, shooting at 1600-3200-6400 ISO the noise is rather pleasant, instead of intrusive.


Overall I’m very pleased with the EOS M.  It’s not perfect, but it packs an enormous punch and to some that is worth the compromise. The camera takes the old adage  “the best camera is the one you have with you“, and undermines it with the incredible image quality it can produce.

See more pics from the EOS M here:

The price is reasonable, but the best part is that if you order from Digital Rev, you get the adapter included free. $749.00 for what would cost $1000+ elsewhere. Quite the steal >

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 5.27.41 PM

How To Burn A Blu-Ray on Mac Workflow

Every once and a while I’ll stumble upon a nice tip or trick that I feel like sharing to make something a lot easier than it was for me.  Turns out Blu-Ray Burning from a Mac is a lot more challenging that one might think. Below is how, after a few days of trial and error, I got it to work for me.

I recently completed a feature-length documentary was that I shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a Canon 7d. Dealing with 750gb of raw 1080p HD was a challenge to say the least. But I figured that once I was done I would just upload a private screener to try and get the film out there for people to see.

As things came to a close and interest was shown in seeing the film, I started to get requests of Blu-Ray copies.

Even though it took me a few days, when all was said and done I did create a working BD-R. I’m writing this blog to hopefully save someone else some major time by explaining a specific workflow that worked for me.

This is in NO way is guaranteed, just a workflow that I used that got me a clean, professional, and working blu-ray disc with my film on it in crystal clear HD.

Things you will need:

1. MPEG Streamclip -
2. Compressor 4
3. Blu-Ray Burner (Samsung SE-406AB Slim) – http://b&
4. Blu-Ray Player (PS3)
5. BD-Rs (At least 10 for trial and error, or BD-Rw to erase and try again)

[imageeffect url=”” css_animation=”appear” align=”aligncenter” target=”_self” type=”reflection” videourl=”×682.jpeg”]

The Blu-Ray Burner:

I chose the Samsung SE-406AB Slim because it was the cheapest and received great reviews. I would be very weary about getting anything else, just because burning Blu-rays from Mac is so finicky.

The Samsung is $89 at B&H and is plug in play to Macs. VERY simple to use. It has two USB connectors (I assume for extra power). I Highly recommend this burner.

[imageeffect url=”×682.jpeg” css_animation=”appear” target=”_self” type=”reflection” videourl=”×682.jpeg”]

The Software:

I have always hated Compressor, but for Blu-rays it definitely pulled through for me.

I tried for an entire day to get Toast 11 Titanium to work, and every time I put the Blu-Ray into the PS3 it played back choppy. I discovered by loading it into VLC Player that it played back fine, but it was doubling the frame rate for some reason, causing the choppiness on my less-powerful PS3. I would stick with Compressor 4 on this one.

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The Workflow:

Before starting, plug-in your Blu-Ray Burner (Both USB’s) and load in a blank BD-R. I used Verbatim 25gb BD-R Type LTH (most affordable I could find).

[imageeffect url=”×682.jpeg” css_animation=”appear” target=”_self”][imageeffect url=”×682.jpeg” css_animation=”appear” target=”_self”][divider_line type=”divider_line”]

Step 1: Export Your FCP Timeline to Quicktime MOV

(I had a ProRes 4444 Timeline)

File>Export> Quicktime Movie…
Select Your Destination
Uncheck “Make Self-Contained Movie” (Making changes to your FCP project during the next step may change this file, but it is much smaller than exporting a Self-Contained ProRes file.)

Step 2: MPEG Streamclip

– This program has never failed me. It is FREE and very reliable. I prefer it over Compressor.

Open MPEG Streamclip > Add your Exported FCP Quicktime .MOV

File> Export Quicktime

– By doing this, you will make a self-contained H.264 that won\’t be affected by changes to The FCP timeline or turning off HDD. This is a good idea because Blu-Ray encoding in Compressor 4 can take a very long time.

Choose H.264 from the Compression Drop-down menu

Set Quality to 100%
Sound to MPEG-4 AAC
Un-Check Interlaced Scaling
Set Bit-Rate

– Setting the Bit-Rate will give you an estimation of the size of the file. Single-Layer Blu-Ray Discs hold 25gb and Dual-Layer holds up to 50gb.

Hint: If you load the file into MPEG Streamclip and press Command + I, you can see the size of your file as if it was self containted ( i.e. 150gb)

Set the Bit-Rate to as high as you can go without going over 22gb (wiggle room). I used 25,000kbps.

Select “Make Movie”

Let it run, this process will take a long time depending on the size of your Movie.

Step 3: Compressor 4

Open Compressor 4

If it doesn’t already display Select File> Open New from Template.

Select Create Blu-Ray Disc

Drag on to the Arrow Your converted Quicktime-Movie from MPEG Stream-Clip.

Click on the Cog next to Create Blu-Ray Disc to make sure the “Job” is selected.

Navigate to the Inspector Window and select “Job Action“.

The Blu-ray Burner should be automatically selected, but make sure.

Here you can title it, Add a background to the Menu, and choose for it to start immediately or go to Menu. I would try not to mess with anything else.

If you would like to add a Watermark, this will increase the encode time.

Go up to the job and select the H.264 for blu-ray part of the job.

Navigate back to Inspector and select the Filters Icon > Choose Watermark > Set your Parameters

From here click Submit… > Name your Project > And click Submit

In the History window, your job will be listed. My 1hour and 44mins film (22gb) took 10 hours to encode and 1.5 hours to burn with a watermark.

The estimation that Compressor gives isn’t always right (Mine said 15hrs+ for the first 9)

Although it look a very long time, and never truly estimated an accurate time, the Blu-Ray should eventually pop-out of the burner and the a pop up will say Blu-Ray Burn Complete. You will see a separate Video file and Audio file Encode wherever you saved it (these are the files that took so long to make)

I\’m not sure how to restart a burn from the encode, so if you want to burn another disc, I would just insert another BD-R, click ignore disc from the finder notification that pop up and then click “Burn Again” (Once I navigated out of this Window I was unable to re-burn).

Step 4: Checking the Blu-Ray Disc

Put the finished Blu-Ray into a Blu-Ray Player (PS3) and check to make sure it plays back correctly.


 In Conclusion:

And there ya go, it should play back without any choppiness.

In no way, do I guarantee this, and I’m sure there are probably faster ways, this is just what worked for me.

Apple didn’t design Mac’s with Blu-ray drives, and even though Compressor has support for Blu-Ray, it just seems like a very delicate process.

Hope this Helped! Leave comments if you have questions, and I’ll do my best to answer!

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Electric Forest 2012 Video Recap

Taking place in Rothbury, Michigan June 28 – July 1, 2012, EFF has got to be one of the most unique festivals that I’ve ever been a part of.  Being the second year I’ve attended, I was eager to notice the similarities and differences a year makes.  The EDM festival scene has been so saturated over the past 12 months that I was worried that EFF would just fall in line.

Not so.  The festival’s success now rides heavily on the experience it offeres. 2011 was all about how hard EFF could hit fans with the Line-UP. 2012 was all about how they didn’t need to.  The Double JJ Resort is such a perfect place for something like this, that it’s hard to imagine a more magical and uplifting musical vacation than this.

I spent long hours trying to find the perfect song to sum it all up this year.  I didn’t want to use something too mainstream, but I wanted something from one of the highlight acts of EFF, as well as something that most people would enjoy.  If Dubstep isn’t your thing, then hopefully the melodic and uplifting vocals will carry you through.

In all, EFF 2012 was heavy on Dubstep & Jam Bands.  But that’s not to say other acts didn’t fit perfectly. Some of the most memorable crowds were those at Steve Aoki’s set on the DimMak stage on day two, Dada Life’s set and Pierce Fulton’s Sherwood Forest set on day three.  However, the highlight for me was definitely Bassnectar’s set on day four.

Last year, Bassnectar unassumingly commanded the crowd more than anyone; and this year it seems that everyone remembered that.  Some of the most absurd, energetic and chaotic shots are from that set. Because of this, I can definitely see Bassnectar cementing himself as a staple act of Electric Forest for many years to come.

Also take a look at some photos from this year

Pierce Fulton Chapter 1: Electro Beach

While in Mexico covering Electro Beach, I had a strange coincidence come about. I had a pleasant visit from rising DJ and producer Pierce Fulton. Aside from having a phenomenal time, Pierce and I made a video to share his adventuring. Everybody loved Pierce so much that they are inviting him back to open for Tiesto on the 6th of April! Stay tuned for more!

Pierce’s YouTube:
Featured on:

WompLife Bumper

I recently had the chance to help a new website get off the ground. is a new breed of music blog, combining in-depth posts and media content with a destination for event dates and more! Here is the bumper I animated for their online videos.

Creative design from the South

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