"A Flat 6 Love Affair"

Flemish photographer, Bart Kuykens combines his passion for B&W photography with Porsche in his table book, A Flat 6 Love Affair.

Limiting himself to only 7 editions to spell out PORSCHE, he invites those who share his passion to meet him for a photography shoot that is as casual as it is productive.

Based in Europe, Bart typically uses industrial settings to compliment the cars, however the upcoming volumes aim to go international. He only shoots on black and white film and with a Leica M6 & M7.

The books are just as much about the cars as they are the people and Bart hopes that rather being lost in the digital space, the books will make his project just as timeless as the photos that are featured within.

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Filmed in 4K with Canon 1DX MK2 & DJI Mavic in Antwerp & Rotterdam

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