"Alter Ego"

Alex McCulloch explores the unlikely origins of his enthusiast automotive business, Glen Shelly, through the lens of his M Coupe and a winter desert road trip.

Purchasing the business from another pilot in 2015, he decided to build on the name recognition and now has unwittingly assumed the identity of this alter ego.

Between the challenges of keeping the business alive, brokering the sale of hard-to-find models, his day job as an airline pilot, and an affinity for the race track, does it make sense to keep the Imola Red Z3 M Coupe that started it all?

The result is a trip to rediscover his roots and to find clarity on a work-life balance, all in the name of preserving the “era of greatness” that Glen Shelly specializes in.

Special thanks to everyone who has made Glen Shelly possible, our present and past employees, our extended family, Bimmerhaus, Simply Clean Detail Studio, and Nate Bloom.

Directed By Jeremy Heslup

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