"Barn-find Porsche 356"

Matt Hummel's love for vintage automobiles has led him to many interesting places, but no car has captured his imagination quite like his 1956 Porsche 356. Follow along as Matt attempts his most ambition adventure, going 20-miles off-road from Joshua Tree to Big Bear in a 60 year old classic.

After having the dilapidated Porsche for over a year, he decided to get it running in its current condition and hit the road. Since then, he hasn't looked back.

Much of California has been tamed by this NorCal barn-find, but one of the places he has yet to conquer is the 4x4 OHV trail from Yucca Valley to Big Bear, Burns Canyon Trail (2N02). That's all about to change as he attempts to complete the 20+mile off-road trail in his 60-year-old vintage sports car from Stuttgart.

DESKTOP GALLERY (Full Res): https://flic.kr/s/aHskr5HqGX

Along with this film, Matt is launching his new website: http://speedcollective.com
Follow Matt on his adventures: http://instagram.com/hummul

Directed By Jeremy Heslup | http://instagram.com/jeremyheslup
Special Thanks to Sean Fannin for assisting & Graphic Design
Music Via DeWolfe
Filmed in 4K with Canon 1DC & DJI Inspire 1

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