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Cristiana Miranda

Born and raised in Lisbon, Cristiana Miranda began her filmmaking life soon after moving to London at age 18.

After her first documentary ‘Queen of Burlesque” aired on Discovery to widespread acclaim, she was asked to direct a series of ads for Johnnie Walkers' anti drunk driving campaign featuring racing legends Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. This was followed by a long form piece called ‘Step Inside’, where she chronicled the two world champion Formula One drivers for a documentary film which that has since aired around the globe.

With her success catching the attention of Shots (Issue: 49) her work in London and internationally soon had her collaborating with top athletes and celebrities including Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, Arsenal Football, Tang Wei, Koyuki, Momoi, and Holly Willoughby and many others.

The following years saw Cristiana gain more international press for Dido’s alluring music video “The Day Before the Day” as well as with Burberry for a film to launch their flagship store in Taipei, the central component of a massive 360 launch event.

In 2013 she opened her own production company in Lisbon, called the Playground, where Cristiana has directed major national campaigns for brands such as NOS, Super Bock, Samsung, Continente, and L’Óreal. Her TVC for Oliveira da Serra ‘Rain of Olives’ was voted Portuguese Ad of the year in 2011. She would repeat the honor is 2013 for CGD Bank.

Her work for the Portuguese Football Federation in 2019 has won various awards in the Portuguese Creatives Club as well as being nominated as one of the best pieces of the year in the VOW Awards in New York.

Playground Lisbon is now home to 14 filmmaker and 9 photographers.